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Catalogue Messier objects:

catalogo Messier

Tutti i 110 oggetti di Messier.

In this page, I have added the table of objects in the catalogue produced by the astronomer Charles Messier (1730-1817), listed with respect to their current visibility.
After each update of the page, the table will automatically be rewritten with the inclusion of objects that have become visible and the elimination of those passed.
I have not included all 110 objects in the catalogue. In fact, I am missing about 10 open clusters, including those less famous.
I started to supplement the list with some of the most remarkable objects in the NGC (New General Catalogue). The consultation of the table during the day has only one value of curiosity. It will indicate those objects, which right now are above our local horizon.
At night, the table will be very useful as a reminder of the objects observed or photographed.
For each subject, it was given the name, coordinates, azimuth, time of sunset in local time, the constellation to which it belongs, the type of star, the apparent size in the first arc and a small picture (taken from Wikipedia).
As a reference value regarding apparent size, let me remind you that the full Moon has a diameter of about 30 arc (half a degree). At the bottom, you can find some useful information in order to insert this table into your site, with the possibility of being able to configure with the coordinates of your point of observation.

Location: IRGOLI (Italy) LAT. 40° 24' 42" North - LONG. 9° 38' 8"East - ALT. 30m.a.s.l.

How to insert this chart in your site:

Copy and paste this list onto your Web page, in the seciton<head></head>
right after the tag<title>                                                      Listing (1)

Copy and paste the codes for the style sheet (CSS),
in the section Style Block, or create an external file.
This listing is not fundamental but it serves to draw the chart of
the ephemeris, just like the one on this page.                                  Listing (2)

Copy and paste the last listing in the section <body></body>
Replace the values LAT, LON, ALT with those of your location.                   Listing (3)

Change default parameters:

Tutti i calcoli sono stati effettuati utilizzando le funzioni presenti nella libreria ASTROJS.

Use Astrojs:

The use of the library Astrojs.js is free, I ask that you not eliminate the author's name (inside the list) and do not consider me liable for any errors or damages caused by the use of these macro.
Any reports on viruses, errors and/or other suggestions are welcome. Have fun! !

Riferimenti bibliografici:
JEAN MEEUS - Astronomia con il computer. ( Hoepli-1990 ) - PETER DUFFETT-SMITH -Astronomia pratica. ( Sansoni Studio 1981 )
FRANCESCO ZAGAR -Astronomia sferica e teorica ( Zanichelli 1988 )

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