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A DIY Amateur Astronomical Observatory:

On this page I have entered my project (completed in early 2011) to build a small astronomical observatory, using and modifying a simple wooden hut, the kind that is usually used as a tool shed. I provided the slides of the project tables as well as the link to download all the papers in pdf format at the bottom of the page.

Project Amateur Astronomical Observatory

Paper no. 3: Cross sections and construction details.
This paper contains two cross-sections, one with the roof closed and another with the roof open, with the instruments on standby and in operational mode. At the top right, I have inserted the constructional details relating to the system for attaching the roof, with the 6 sliding trolleys (3 per side), necessary for the opening of the roof.

wooden house astronomical observatory amatorial

Paper no. 4: Longitudinal section and construction details.
In addition to the longitudinal section, I have added the construction details for the concrete column and the base of the foundation, including the reinforcement made ​​of pieces of mesh, and irons Ø8 and 12mm. The table is completed with an image of the anchoring system of the flange to the column, made with 4 threaded rods Ø18mm. In the section, note should be taken of the position of the carriages for the roof opening.

Amateur Astronomical Observatories

Paper no. 1: Floor plan.
Floor plan with net and gross dimensions of the observatory, including the useable spaces.

 Amateur Astronomical Observatories

Paper no. 2: Plan of the fixed lines.
This table contains the location of the pillars and laminated wood beams. In the table, I have inserted the number of columns/beams and their length.

 Amateur Astronomical Observatories

Paper no. 5: Views.
Table with the two main views: front and side.

Click on the icon to download all the project tables (including the flange for EQ6) in pdf format.
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You can look the pictures of the construction...click here!

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