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Ephemeris: General information

Sistema solare

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You can find the ephemeris of the main bodies of the Solar System, on this website, from the Sun to Neptune (Pluto is nearing completion).
I have included the data I consider most useful for observations in the tables, and neglected those of lesser importance, which would have only weighed the reading of the ephemeris, due to an excessive amount of information.
Although my initial intention was to create a simple list with a good precision, during the work, I was carried away by the frenzy of wanting to "split" the arcsecond into four, and therefore I have included all orbital perturbations described in the book by Jean Meeus.
In conclusion, I could not break the arcsecond, but I believe (if I did not make big mistakes), to have created the ephemeris with a good degree of accuracy; you can check with the almanacs on the internet.
The equatorial coordinates are always apparent geocentric and refer to the mean equinox of the date, the times of sunrise, transit and sunset are shown in local civil time.
A small clarification must be made, regarding the brightness of the planets; the algorithm I used is not particularly accurate, therefore, for some planets there are often differences even of half a magnitude, but I believe this inaccuracy is not particularly serious, and I prefer, for the time being, not to replace it.
It is possible to increase the precision of the Ephemeris calculations using JavaScript and the AstroJS functions library created by me (see navigation menu).

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Sistema solare Sistema solare Sistema solare Sistema solare Sistema solare

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