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Ephemeris of the Sun:

The Ephemeris of the Sun have been calculated for my observation point, the times are expressed in Local Civil Time, and the apparent geocentric equatorial coordinates were calculated for the 0.0 hours of the day indicated and refer to the average equinox of the date.
The times of sunrise and sunset correspond to the top strip of the solar disk.
In the calculation of equatorial coordinates the (TT) Terrestrial Time count was taken into consideration by applying a correction of 67 seconds (UT).
For the calculation I used the algorithm described by authors JEAN MEEUS and P.D. SMITH.
At the bottom of the page you can find some useful instructions on how to insert this chart inside your site with the possibility of configuring it with the coordinates of your location.
Location: IRGOLI (Italy) LAT. 40° 24' 42" North - LONG. 9° 38' 8"East - ALT. 30m.a.s.l.

Copy and paste this list into your Web page.

<iframe name="sun" src="" width="214" height="428" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Ephemeris table of the Sun for the next 30 days

How to insert this chart in your site:

Copy and paste this list onto your Web page, in the seciton<head></head>
right after the tag<title>                                                     Listing (1)

Copy and paste the codes for the style sheet (CSS),
in the section Style Block, or create an external file.
This listing is not fundamental but it serves to draw the chart of
the ephemeris, just like the one on this page.                                 Listing (2)

Copy and paste the last listing in the section <body></body>
Replace the values LAT, LON, ALT with those of your location.                  Listing (3)

Change default parameters:

In the listing (3), replace the values of the latitude, longitude, altitude with the data of your place of observation. The reference time may be replaced with "TU" for Universal Time, or leave "TL" for the local time. You may also enter the number of iterations, which corresponds to the number of days to be calculated; the default is 30.
You can enter "any" number of iterations although any figure above 365 will make the reading of table data more difficult.
To insert a table in a specific container (div) of your page, paste the list (3) inside the div container and the table will automatically expand to fill all available space. If you use a container with a default height, the table might overflow towards the bottom; change the parameter (height) of the CSS div or delete it.

Attention! The calculation will not be performed for a negative iterative value. All calculations were performed using the functions in the library Astrojs.js.

Use Astrojs:

The use of the library Astrojs.js is free, I ask that you not eliminate the author's name (inside the list) and do not consider me liable for any errors or damages caused by the use of these macro.
Any reports on viruses, errors and/or other suggestions are welcome. Have fun!

Javascript & AstroJS:

Examples of calculation listed in JavaScript, for the Sun: listati javascript

Riferimenti bibliografici:
JEAN MEEUS - Astronomia con il computer. ( Hoepli-1990 ) - PETER DUFFETT-SMITH -Astronomia pratica. ( Sansoni Studio 1981 )
FRANCESCO ZAGAR -Astronomia sferica e teorica ( Zanichelli 1988 )

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