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ASTROJS: Examples of JavaScript codes for Astronomical calculation.

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(Eclisse parziale di Sole del Gennaio 2011 -S. Ruiu)

In this section I inserted a series of listings written in Javascript (with the help of the ASTROJS library), used for astronomical calculation.
The scripts contain the calculation of the Julian Day, the sidereal time, the rising and setting of a star and the calculation of ephemerides for the planets, the Sun and the Moon.
All scripts can be accessed and used, even without perfectly following the order indicated on the listing: but not before having perfectly assimilated the calculation of the Julian Day.
The scripts, even containing complex subjects, as you can see, are very simple; my personal advice is to avoid using them if you don’t have at least an elementary knowledge of the topics covered, otherwise you will not be able to modify/optimize the scripts, and eventually, note huge errors, typically caused by inconsistent data.
During the development of these listings, I assumed that the user is aware of the definition of equatorial, azimuth, parallax and ecliptic coordinates.
For all the other technical definitions in the notes please refer to books on spherical Astronomy or websites such as Wikipedia.

Astronomical Almanac:

An essential tool during the development of a calculation script is, without a doubt, a good Astronomical Almanac, very useful in order to verify the accuracy of our forecasts.
This site already contains tables of ephemerides, and you can use them as a first check; but always check the results (as I do), by carrying out a comparison with external calculations…

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